Ø knit

designed around mindfulness activity

pieces move with the body, allowing for free, conscious movement without the hindrance of movement and elasticized compression which forms the foundation of nearly all modern active knitwear.

our clothes give you space to be in your body. you can meditate, breathe, and move on to your next activity in clothes that move with you.

Ø knit is made in a 0.05% waste process. typical knitwear production = 2% product, 98% waste, emissions and effluents.

Ø uses 100% certified OEKO-TEX cotton that is sourced and grown considerately. we use lycra consciously, and see garment life extension as critical. 


price range for Ø knit- $250. to $900.

specifications: 100% cotton. 3 yarns. 2 ply 80 count (very fine) twisted together. 2/50 count (fine). 3/50 count (fine). lycra.

2/80 is grown in belize. fiber is spun in italy into yarn. yarn is shipped to nepal. garment is shipped to atlanta. garment is shipped to you or a store. highest quality cotton available on the planet.

2/50 & 3/50 is grown in turkey. fiber is spun in italy in a fully compliant OEKO-TEX (independent global compliance testing)  factory and process. yarn is shipped to nepal. manufactured in a conscious and socially compliant factory that is GOTS (Global organic textile standard) experienced.

produced with social purpose in nepal

nepal is a nation founded on spirituality. it is a nation in development undergoing transition and transcendence. it has worked through nature disaster along side economic and constitutional radical change.

Ø believes that by helping a factory develop business outside of their own social and physical environment, they learn and grow cultural, spiritually, emotionally and economically. they develop their business and have the possibility to contribute to the over all advancement of an industry within their own developing nation.

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