upcycle process

artist materials

Ø takes used and 2ndhand textiles/and apparel and remakes them into new garments with added value. the last remaining scraps from our process go into hand made paper or as raw materials for artists. shown here is luca barolli's series "lamiere".  he works in found object metal sculpture, most of which is metal scrap mixed with our end-process textiles.

Ø archive: takes archive pieces from a global fashion textile and garment collection and makes them into new one-off pieces.  

Ø 2: takes 2ndhand men’s tees, shirts, jackets and denim, and restyles them as gender-free. repairing, adding textile, design and make value, and transforming into a new garment.



archive design starts with a piece of decorative textile. a base cloth is chosen. silhouette patterned, fit and cut. stitch work is designed and applied.  the garment is assembled, 1 piece at a time.  

assemblage is by machine with hand finishings.


repair and decoration is primarily by hand. base cloth appliqué is by machine. 

studio culture and practice 

our work culture is based on a single social agreement. trust and support for each others life and work.

Ø provides a safe and nurturing work environment for women who have survived victimization and are seeking shelter from abuse and refuge from hardship. we partner with a local atlanta non-profit that provides transitional housing, care, and counsel to women moving out of sex trafficking and addiction in atlanta (the city has the largest sex trade in the USA).

Ø believe our workplace structure is a duplicable model. our hope is that we can introduce it to other businesses as a model of social impact that develops workforce through societal rehabilitation, with a focus on victimized women.

Ø work culture is based on a single social agreement. trust and support for each others life and work. the studio is socially designed as safe space for using work for personal growth, spiritual development, emotional rehabilitation and life abundance elevation.