Ø archive

  • when you wear an archive piece be mindful that you are part of an economic microcosm. 6-8 women worked on this piece. your appreciate of beauty and skill supports their work.

  • we pay a living wage. you in turn support a living wage and contribute to the sustainability of fine textile art and craft.

global archive collection

we are transforming a global fashion artifacts collection of textile remnants into new clothes. our collection contains pieces that have been acquired over the past 25 years from different world cultures and different eras. 

the archive pieces are in series of 3-5 per collection, with an occasional single piece.

each piece has individual heritage and provenance before it came to the studio and is added to when it leaves the studio.

obi series


remnant series

this series explores surface treatments, various stitch and appliqué techniques and base cloth possibilities from old house paint to a drop cloth from artist igor korsunskiy's studio. this concept piece is a panel that is completely reversible. the outside drop cloth is enhanced with french bordeaux lace and red silk embroidery thread. the inside is silk crêpe de chine printed with 2 drawings by igor. 

base clothes are raw bull denim cotton, muslin, and an old tapestry jacket from a junk shop in downtown fort myers florida that was painted over in white and then sanded.

the dark linen jacket $4500.

this piece started as an old pigment printed linen sample jacket from a factory in istanbul in the early 90's. it has been cut apart, and remastered with new design detail, cloth buttons, and raw hemp fabric from the UK to name a few of its' features. this piece has over 120 hours of re-make process in it and is completely reversible.  

copper lace series $4000

tian justman led design on this series. she models here. she was a creative and fierce muse and friend to many.

venus series $4000-5000.

this series started as an extension of the pale nude colored long jacket in the copper lace series. it then took a life of its own inspired by buttons that carry the image of botticelli's venus. 



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