zerøwaste is a state of mindfulness

Ø GLASS is living life with fewer thoughts and fewer things of greater value. it is shifting the mind towards transcendence. we believe that in elevating your thinking, your actions will follow suit.  


zerøwaste as a process

we strive for zerøwaste in our making processes. with our Ø archive + Ø 2 lines, we practice preservation by up cycling used clothes and textile pieces into new clothing.  with our Ø knit line, we practice conservation by making new clothes in a 0.05% waste making process. our final unusable scraps go into either visual artists' work or into local hand made paper.

the founder

karen glass

Ø karen glass was founded by karen glass in 2015 based on a concept she designed while living and working out of her studio in florida. she was deeply involved in the development and process of an organic farm on her property. in moving to ATL she began the process of exploring life-work as an attribute for a domestic social enterprise while living within a community of creatives and conscious practitioners.

out of these  ideas zerøwaste karen glass was born. being mindful of waste on an organic farm, the mindfulness of purpose in life and work and a life long career in apparel design, development and production has shaped the processes and aesthetics of Ø karen glass.